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Dear Team,

At Southern Plants, we strive to create an efficient and well-equipped work environment for all our employees.

Your feedback is essential in helping us achieve this goal.

The surveys below have been created to help us improve the management of our company's resources and to ensure that everyone has the essential tools to carry out their roles effectively.

Your participation in the Hardware Inventory Survey, Access Points Analysis, and Accentis Access, when relevant to your job, is kindly requested.

Additionally, if you require any hardware, software, or access points, you may also complete the IT Request questionnaire.

Hardware Inventory Survey

Your input in this survey will greatly assist us in keeping our inventory up to date and planning for maintenance. Please take a moment to confirm which company hardware you are currently using, and whether it is dedicated to a single user or shared among multiple users.

Hardware use
Exclusive UseShare Use
Desktop computer set up (include 1-2 screen, mouse, keyboard)
Scanner/hand-held device
Walkie Talkie
Laptop Carry Case
Docking Station

Access Points Analysis

After finishing the Hardware Inventory Survey, if you have identified yourself as a current user of hardware, please proceed to complete this survey to specify the access points you are utilizing. This includes any systems or platforms for which you have unique login credentials, enabling you to carry out specific tasks related to your responsibilities.

Access Points

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. Your feedback is highly valuable and will play a significant role in ensuring the secure and efficient use of the Accentis program.
Your cooperation and support in this endeavour are greatly appreciated.

Southern Plants

Accentis Access Survey

As part of our ongoing efforts to streamline our operations and enhance security measures, we are conducting a review of the access and usage of the Accentis program within our organization. Your input is crucial to this process as it will help us understand how Accentis is currently being utilized across different departments and roles. Please take a moment to complete the following questionnaire. Your responses will be invaluable in ensuring that our systems are both secure and tailored to meet your work needs effectively.

Accentis Login Information

IT Request for Hardware, Software or Access Point

This survey will be used to gather information on any additional hardware, software, or access points you may require to effectively fulfil your job requirements.

Once you submit your survey and e-mail will be send to IT to follow up.

IT Request

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us maintain an efficient and well-equipped work environment.

Southern Plants

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