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Correa Prostrate Yellow 140MM

Correa ‘Prostrate Yellow’ – 140MM

I am Round Leaf Correa. My family originated from Tasmania

Botanic Name: Correa reflexa var. nummulariifolia

Ground Cover – Great Groundcover

I am a hardy native ground cover with a dense habit and prolific flowering from mid-winter to summer.

Being thick and dense allows me to outcompete most weeds.

My delicate yellow / light green bell shaped flowers are a magnet for nectar feeding birds.

I am super hardy tolerating frost, drought, coastal conditions and limey soils.

I am a great Australian Native Plant.

Full Sun to Part Shade (4+ hours of direct sun)
Height: 0.15m Width: 1.2m
I have minimal water requirements once established
Australian Native
My dense ground covering habit will out compete many weeds
I am popular and will make you happy because…
I am a hardy low growing prostrate correa ideal for dry spots and embankments
My prolific bird attracting blooms appear from winter and through spring
I am tolerant of extremes of temperature and a good choice for coastal conditions and exposed locations

    Plant me:

  • in pots and other containers
  • in hanging baskets
  • in garden beds and general landscaping
  • in coastal conditions

Tips for success…

I do not need pruning to develop good form
Plant me 60cm apart
100% Recyclable Pot and Label
Most pots and labels made from 100% recycled polypropylene

Plant family: Rutaceae
Other names: Little Nummie



The Nature's Nectar ® Collection

Australian native plants are increasingly popular with both home gardeners and landscapers due to the drought tolerant nature and the fact they are usually very hardy plants.

Nature's Nectar® is an exceptional collection of flowering native structural plants that also encourage birds into the garden.

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Plants in this collection include:











Also including:
Also Including:   Eucalyptus. Leptospermum. Philotheca and many more.

Available in 140mm, 180mm and 200mm pots

Native, Flowering and Easy to Grow

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