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Grevillea RSL Spirit of Anzac 200MM

Grevillea ‘RSL Spirit of Anzac’ – 200MM

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I am Grevillea Spirit of Anzac. My family originated from Eastern Australia

Botanic Name: Grevillea x hybrid ‘Spirit of Anzac’

Bushy – Bird and bee attracting

Growing to about 3 metres I am a medium sized Grevillea featuring large red fine brush flowers year round.

I was officially named the ‘RSL Spirit of ANZAC’ to commemorate the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces at Gallipoli and the many other conflicts since then. I was released in 2015 to honour 100 years of the ANZAC spirit.

My nectar rich blooms attract nectar feeding wildlife including honey eating birds, insects and small mammals.

My bright flower colour contrasts beautifully with my mid green foliage

I have a naturally dense and bushy habit but benefit from a regular prune to shape which can be done in any season.

I am happiest in well drained soils and a good choice for sandy and loam soils. I will perform at my best in a sunny position and am drought tolerant once established.

Full Sun (6+ hours of direct sun)
Height: 3m Width: 2.5m
(Can be kept trimmed to Height: 1m Width: 1m)
I need minimal water once established
Australian Native
Suitable for coastal planting. I thrive in most free draining soils and conditions tolerate drought
I am popular and will make you happy because…
Flowering all year my brilliant red flowers are nectar rich attracting birds & beneficial insects
Naturally dense & bushy I am a great habitat creating screening option
I was released in 2015 to honour 100 years of the ANZAC spirit

    Plant me:

  • in garden beds and general landscaping
  • to be cut flowers to be enjoyed indoors
  • as a screening hedge
  • in coastal conditions

Tips for success…

I have naturally good form but can be pruned to shape and to improve bushiness if desired
Plant me 1.5m apart
100% Recyclable Pot and Label
Most pots and labels made from 100% recycled polypropylene

Caution: Skin irritant

Plant family: Proteaceae
Other names:



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Australian native plants are increasingly popular with both home gardeners and landscapers due to the drought tolerant nature and the fact they are usually very hardy plants.

Nature's Nectar® is an exceptional collection of flowering native structural plants that also encourage birds into the garden.


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