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Hedera Pittsburgh 270MM

Hedera ‘Pittsburgh’ – 270MM

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I am Pittsburgh Ivy. My family originated from Europe

Botanic Name: Hedera helix ‘Pittsburgh’

Trailing – Hardy

From Europe I am commonly called Pittsburgh Ivy, English Ivy or just Ivy. I am evergreen climbing vine or ground cover with small to medium ivy or lobed shaped green leaves with a heart-shaped base. I attach with aerial rootlets to walls and other surfaces such as rockeries or trees. I am easy to grow, hardy and versatile. I can tolerate full sun to full shade with partial shade is best for hotter locations. I like moderate water. Because of my dense climbing and vining habits, I am well suited to hanging baskets or to create a green wall.

Part to Full Shade (morning or filtered sun for 4-6 hours, to no direct sun)
Height: 0.3m Width: 7m
I need minimal water once established
Climbing Plant
I will happily grow in most soils from heavy clay to free draining sand
I am popular and will make you happy because…
As a hardy evergreen climber suited to trellises and great for hiding unsightly fences and walls
I perform well as a groundcover under trees or shrubs and am happy growing indoors
Adaptable I am a good choice for pots, containers and well suited for hanging baskets

    Plant me:

  • in pots and other containers
  • in hanging baskets
  • as an indoor plant
  • in coastal conditions

Tips for success…

I will develop better and more compact form when regularly clipped to control my spread
Plant me 3m apart
100% Recyclable Pot and Label
Most pots and labels made from 100% recycled polypropylene

Caution: Harmful if eaten/skin irritant

Plant family: Araliaceae
Other names: Ivy, English Ivy



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