Trachelospermum jasminoides 300MM

Trachelospermum ‘jasminoides’ – 300MM

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I am Chinese Star Jasmine. My family originated from Asia

Botanic Name: Trachelospermum jasminoides

Climbing – Fragrant Flowers

I am an evergreen climber maintaining my bushy lush green foliage from ground level making me the ideal vine to cover walls, pillars, arches and fences. I can turn the unsightly into a delight.

I am a compact ground cover when not provided with a structure to climb.

I cover myself in masses of star shaped and wonderfully perfumed white flowers in delicate clusters from early summer into autumn.

Adaptable I thrive and will flower prolifically in full sun to heavy shade.

I do well in a range of soils but dislike having wet feet.

I respond well to pruning and can be maintained in formal shapes on the right structures.

Full Sun to Full Shade (6+ hours direct sun to no direct sun)
Height: 2.5m Width: 6m
(Can be kept trimmed to Height: 1m Width: 0.5m)
I tolerate considerable dryness and I required minimal water once established
Scented Flowers
I prefer a well drained soil
I am popular and will make you happy because…
I produce white clusters of highly fragrant flowers during spring and summer
I am suitable as a groundcover, low shrub or on embankments
I am happy in a pot when given a structure to climb on

    Plant me:

  • in pots and other containers
  • in hanging baskets
  • in garden beds and general landscaping
  • in fragrant and sensory gardens
  • as a screening hedge
  • in coastal conditions

Tips for success…

Trim me to shape as required
Plant me 0cm apart
100% Recyclable Pot and Label
Most pots and labels made from 100% recycled polypropylene

Caution: Use Ronstar only

Plant family: Apocynaceae
Other names: Star Jasmine



Garden Use

Climbers, Hedging and Screening, Pots and Containers

Growing Conditions

Frost Tolerant, Heat Tolerant, Tolerant of Coastal conditions, Tolerant of dry conditions


Full Shade, Full Sun, Part Shade

Mature Size

Medium (1m to 3m)



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