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Westringia glabra 180MM

Westringia ‘glabra’ – 180MM

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I am Westringia glabra. My family originated from Eastern Australia

Botanic Name: Westringia glabra

Bushy – Easy Care & Low Maintenance

I am a native upright shrub with oval, dark green leaves that produces a profusion of mauve-purple flowers year round.
Particularly hardy I cope with exposed locations and coastal conditions.
I am low maintenance and do not require pruning but I can be pruned to a formal shape if desired.
My flowers attract bees and beneficial insects.
I am suited to screening, hedges and wind breaks.

Full Sun to Part Shade (4+ hours of direct sun)
Height: 1.5m Width: 2m
I need minimal water once established
Australian Native
Suitable for coastal planting. I tolerate a range of soils but I prefer those that are well drained
I am popular and will make you happy because…
I am well suited as a native hedging and screening plant
I produce a profusion of mauve-purple to white flowers in spring which last into early summer
I am tolerant of extremes of temperature and dry conditions

    Plant me:

  • in garden beds and general landscaping
  • as a screening hedge
  • in coastal conditions

Tips for success…

Trim me regularly to maintain shape and feed me annually
Plant me 1.3m apart
100% Recyclable Pot and Label
Most pots and labels made from 100% recycled polypropylene

Plant family: Laminaceae
Other names:



The Nature's Nectar ® Collection

Australian native plants are increasingly popular with both home gardeners and landscapers due to the drought tolerant nature and the fact they are usually very hardy plants.

Nature's Nectar® is an exceptional collection of flowering native structural plants that also encourage birds into the garden.


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Also Including:   Eucalyptus. Leptospermum. Philotheca and many more.

Available in 140mm, 180mm and 200mm pots

Native, Flowering and Easy to Grow

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