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Wholesale/Trade Customers Only
Sorry we do not sell direct to the public. Our products are available through Bunnings, good retail nurseries or via landscapers.

Purchased our Plants from a Retail Nursery?

If you have questions about our plants, please phone the retailer you purchased them from. They will have the local advice best suited to your particular geographic and climatic area.


Wholesale/ Trade Customers Only

Wholesale/ Trade Customers Only

How can we help you? Get in touch. Call us at the number above or e-mail us at:

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Are you a home gardener?

At Southern Plants™, we understand the passion and dedication that home gardeners bring to their botanical endeavours. While we specialize in wholesale distribution and do not sell directly to the public, we're committed to supporting gardeners of all levels in nurturing their green spaces.

Meet Sap, Your Loyal Gardening Companion

(Find Sap, the chatbox, by clicking on the **question mark icon** on the bottom right of the screen)

To bridge the gap and support your green thumb journey, we've introduced Sap - not just any chatbox, but your friendly dog avatar waiting eagerly to assist you. Think of Sap as your loyal gardening companion, always ready to fetch the answers to your burning questions about Southern Plants™ and the vast world of gardening.

Sap Can Help You With:

  • Expert Advice: From the peculiarities of Southern Plants™ to the best gardening practices, Sap is well-versed in the green world and eager to share its knowledge.

  • Tips and Tricks: Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting, Sap can provide tailored tips to help your garden thrive.

  • Community Connection: Feel part of a larger community of gardening enthusiasts, sharing insights, and celebrating the beauty of nature together.

Botsonic SAP

So, while you may not be able to fill your cart directly from us, your curiosity and love for gardening are always welcome here. Engage with Sap, your friendly dog chatbot, and let's cultivate a flourishing garden of knowledge together.

Happy Gardening,

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