Small Spaces™

Pots, Narrow Garden Beds and Courtyards

What is the Small Spaces™ Collection

No matter how Narrow & Small your modern urban space is, you can create a lush & colourful garden or courtyard.

Combine the habits of Upright, Mounding & Trailing for easy colourful arrangements in pots, containers or garden beds.


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Upright - Mounding - Trailing

A simple recipe to create professional-looking plants and garden designs

Small Spaces™ plants are a diverse and versatile collection that offers home gardeners the opportunity to create stunning designs in even the smallest of spaces. With three types to choose from - Upright, Mounding, or Trailing - these plants make it easy for anyone to bring their gardening visions to life without feeling intimidated.


Upright plants

Also called thrillers, are the big, bold focal point, the centerpiece plant for your design. This plant provides an eye-catching vertical element.

You first select your Upright plant, which usually will be the tallest plants, and the starting point of your design.
Then, when is time to plant, the Upright plant goes in the center if your pot that will be viewed from all sides.
You planted in the back of a pot, or the back of a garden bed, depending on your focal point.

A great upright choice is tall ornamental grasses such as purple fountain grass or liriopes. You can find them under our Mighty Tuff® collection. Or you can use anigozanthos from our Nature's Nectar®.
Small Spaces offers a collection of flowering plants ideal to use as thrillers, such are Cannas, Alstroemerias, Mandevilleas or you can even use some dwarf pittosporums


Mounding plants

Also called fillers, are mid-size, mounding, or rounded plants that surround and complement but not overwhelm the upright plant and fill the space in the planter or garden. You can use one filler or opt for two or three different plants in your container or garden design. Pick colours that complement your Upright Plant, or different textures, like a round-leaved mounding plant with a spiky Upright plant.

Often, they help by hiding the bare knees, the less interesting stems or stalks of the Upright plants

The difficult part is selecting the plant from so many choices, but a few suggestions include: cupheas, salvias, scaevolas, pelargoniums, etc.


Trailing plants

Also called spillers, are splashy plants that cascade and tumble over the sides of containers or cascaiding down a wall .

Even though the main rule of this plants is to sprawl over the side of the pots, sometimes it's fun to unify a composition by training a few tendrils of a Trailing plant to climb into and through both the Mounding and Upright plants.

You can use some of this varieties as Trailing plants: ajugas, campanulas, lotus Red Flash, lobelias, Veronica Oxford Blue, etc.

Whether you're looking to create a mix planted pot or spruce up a small garden area, Small Spaces plants provide the perfect formula for success.

So don't let the size of your garden limit your creativity - with Small Spaces™ plants, the possibilities are endless!


At Southern Plants, we want our customers to have the best gardening experience possible. That's why we have implemented a new feature on our plant labels for Small Spaces™ plants.

You'll notice a helpful icon that indicates the plant's habit and size, whether it's an Upright, Mounding, or Trailing plant.

This will make it easier for you to select the perfect plants for your specific space and gardening goals.So look out for the icon and happy gardening!


Small Spaces Upright-Mounding-Trailing

Available in 140mm, 180mm and 200mm pots

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